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tlc200-stop motion

Use the ATS100 with the TLC200 to make Stop Motion Videos!

tlc200-stop motiontlc200-stop motion

In the past, in order to create stop motion video, you will need Hi-end equipment and lots time to edit thousands photos. But now, the Brinno TLC200 and ATS100 shutter line will make it quick and simple to make stop motion video!

Easy, Simple, Everyone can create their own stop motion videos!


*The ATS 100 Shutter line is an optional accessory, it is not included with the TLC200 Time Lapse Camera

[video:http://youtu.be/Fd2CFNkhGys width:360 height:213 align:left]tlc200-stop motion

Stop Motion video made by TLC200

[video:http://youtu.be/L2xFeZng1f8 width:360 height:213 align:left][video:http://youtu.be/xweEpK8JF2g width:360 height:213] 

tlc200-stop motion

Step by step