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APL100 Hareket Sensörlü LED

APL100 Hareket Sensörlü LED Banner



brinno APL100

Motion SENSOR LED LIGHT BAR is easy to install.  Equipped with a PIR sensor it will  automatically detect motion and turn on LED light bar,  enhancing the light wherever and whenever  you need it!


brinno apl100

Brinno Motion Sensor LED Light was developed for use with the Brinno PeepHole Viewers, but you also can use this Motion Sensor LED Light bar in any poorly lit environment.

brinno apl100brinno apl100brinno apl100

brinno APL100

[video:http://youtu.be/Y461y19hBRo width:680 height:383 align:center]

brinno apl100

Easy to use!

brinno APL100brinno APL100brinno APL100